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Eritrea Public Holidays

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The State of Eritrea currently celebrates 16 national holidays. Many of the holidays celebrated in Eritrea are based on religious beliefs. However, these events are considered national holidays and everyone is entitled to a paid vacation day.

Public holidays in Eritrea are regulated by the Labour Proclamation of Eritrea No. 118 of 2001. This law establishes the public holidays celebrated within the country, provides the government with the authority to move holidays from a rest day to the following work day, and grants the government authority to create one-time or new national holidays.

Chapter 2, Article 55 of the Labour Proclamation regulates pay for employees on national holidays. Under this law, all employees are entitled to a paid day off for every national holiday.

Employees that are required to work on a national holiday because of their position are given a pay rate of two and one half times their regular hourly salary for all hours worked on that date. This premium pay is mandated by law and cannot be changed, even in employment contracts.

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