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Ethiopian Easter

Ethiopian Easter 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Ethiopia

Ethiopia celebrates Easter according to the Julian Calendar instead of the Gregorian Calendar, which makes it land up to a month apart from Easter in other Countries. This is in accord with the traditions of the Eastern Orthodox branch of Christianity.

202225 AprMonEthiopian Easter Sunday
202316 AprSunEthiopian Easter Sunday
20245 MaySunEthiopian Easter Sunday
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Many Christians in Ethiopia will fast for 55 days before Easter, avoiding all meat and meat products during that time. On Easter Day, however, they might indulge in roast lamb and a feast that may include many other types of meat and other dishes. Many families have a reunion on Easter Sunday and may also exchange special greetings and small gifts.

The Easter Mass, however, is the high point of the celebration. It begins around midnight on the night before Easter. Everyone carries a candle which is lit during the service, signifying Jesus as the Light of the World.

Previous Years

20212 MaySunEthiopian Easter Sunday
202019 AprSunEthiopian Easter Sunday
201928 AprSunEthiopian Easter Sunday
20188 AprSunEthiopian Easter Sunday
201716 AprSunEthiopian Easter Sunday