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Constitution Day

Constitution Day 2025 and 2026 in Ghana

Every 7 January in Ghana is a national public holiday known as Constitution Day. The holiday is meant to commemorate the institution of a new constitution and the fourth republic on 7 January 1993.

20257 JanTueConstitution Day
20267 JanWedConstitution Day
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After it was approved by a large majority of the people of Ghana in a referendum the previous year, Ghana switched over to its fourth constitution in 1993. This constitution both established a structure of government and a list of rights and duties of Ghanaian citizens. The seventh of January became an official holiday in Ghana with the passing of the Public Holidays Act of 2001.

Since all three of the previous constitutions of Ghana were effectively made meaningless by military coups, the fourth constitution was designed to help avert that fate from reoccurring. On Constitution Day, the people reflect on the troubled past of their beloved Ghana and recommit themselves to the rule of law and the upholding of the present constitution. Newly elected leaders are also sworn into office on 7 January, which is supposed to remind them to abide by the limits set forth in the constitution.

Previous Years

20247 JanSunConstitution Day
8 JanMonConstitution Day Holiday
20237 JanSatConstitution Day
9 JanMonConstitution Day Holiday