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Ghana Public Holidays

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The Republic of Ghana currently has 13 national holidays that are recognised and celebrated each year. Some of the holidays that are celebrated in Ghana are based on religious beliefs. These holidays often change in date each year because their celebrations are based on the lunar cycle. Because of this, the government of Ghana announces exact dates for the national holidays at the end of the year for the following year.

National holidays are regulated by the Holiday Act of 2001. Under this law, national holidays are classified as paid, non-working days throughout the country.

Under the Labor Act of 2003, employers who require people to remain at work on a paid holiday must provide that employee with a substitute paid day off to replace the time missed for the actual holiday.

The Holiday Act of 2001 also provides the president of Ghana with the rights to change the actual celebration day of a holiday if the holiday falls on a day of rest. Ghana acknowledges Saturdays and Sundays as days of rest. If a holiday falls on one of these days, the celebration is often moved to the following Monday.

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