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Founder's Day

Founder’s Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Ghana

Since 2019, Ghana has celebrated Founder’s Day on 4 August and Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day on 21 September. Formerly, Founder’s Day was on 21 September instead.

20224 AugThuFounders' Day
20234 AugFriFounders' Day
20244 AugSunFounders' Day
5 AugMonFounders' Day Holiday
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Beginning in 1874, the UK began to encroach on territory in what is now Ghana but was then called “The Gold Coast”. The entire country eventually became the colony called the “British Gold Coast”. Later, after the Second World War, a big push for independence arose in this colony, which was later renamed Ghana.

Ghana lead the way in regard to African independence movements, leaving the British Empire as early as 1957. The major leader of this movement and the veritable “founding father” of the fledgling nation of Ghana, was none other than Kwame Nkrumah. Since 21 September is Nkrumah’s birthday, that has now been reserved for him, while Founder’s Day is meant to commemorate both Nkrumah and others who led the way toward Ghanian independence.

Previous Years

20214 AugWedFounders' Day
20204 AugTueFounders' Day
20194 AugSunFounders' Day
5 AugMonFounders' Day Holiday
20184 AugSatFounders' Day
20174 AugFriFounders' Day