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Readjustment Movement Day

Readjustment Movement Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Guinea-Bissau

Every 14 November is Readjustment Movement Day in Guinea-Bissau. This holiday celebrates a coup that took place in the country on 14 November, 1980, and that led to major “readjustments” to the way Guinea-Bissau was run.

202414 NovThuReadjustment Movement Day
202514 NovFriReadjustment Movement Day
202614 NovSatReadjustment Movement Day
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Ironically, the 1980 revolution overthrew Guinea-Bissau’s original national hero and president, Luis Cabral. For the first six years of the nation’s independence, from 1974 to 1980, the people were satisfied with his administration. But when the economy turned south, they supported the coup of Joao Vieira that toppled his regime.

Vieira had been the prime minister and Cabral the president. But the socialistic policies of Cabral had hurt the economy, and his violations of human rights grew tiresome. So Vieira led a bloodless coup that led to a four-year rule by a special council.

All of the reform efforts of the 1980 coup were not successful. And Guinea-Bissau has remained an unstable state with no president yet finishing his full term. But despite the obvious divisions in the country, Readjustment Movement Day remains a public holiday that is popular with at least one faction in Guinea-Bissau.

Previous Years

202314 NovTueReadjustment Movement Day
202214 NovMonReadjustment Movement Day