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Guinea Public Holidays

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The Republic of Guinea celebrates 13 national holidays each year. Public holidays in Guinea are regulated by National Decree 495 issued October 27, 1969, shortly after the country gained its independence. This Decree establishes the official holidays that are recognised each year and requires that employers provide their employees with a paid day off for the national holiday.

In conjunction with this Decree, the Labour Code of Guinea states that all employers must provide their employees with a paid day off for national holidays and if the employee is required to work based on their employment position, they must be given a paid day off in lieu of the holiday. Employment contracts may allow for additional pay instead of a different day off for holidays.

The government of Guinea reserves the right to declare one-time national paid holidays at any time in a year based on events occurring in the country. It is not unusual for the government to provide short notice to employers for these events. However, employers are still required to comply. One-time national holidays are made by national announcement or publication by various departments of the government.

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