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Second Republic Day

Second Republic Day 2025 and 2026 in Guinea

Guinea has had several different regimes and constitutions and, thus, can speak of the first through the fourth republic of Guinea. The establishment of the fourth republic is commemorated on Constitution Day, but the second republic is also remembered on 3 April with a holiday all its own.

20253 AprThuSecond Republic Day
20263 AprFriSecond Republic Day
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After independence from France in 1958, Ahmed Toure took charge and soon became a dictator. This was the first republic, and it obviously deteriorated. A one-party system prevailed, and Toure’s continual re-election raised some suspicions, to say the least. And he put thousands of opponents into jail, while kicking a million people out of the country to more easily hold onto his power.

Finally, Toure died during a heart operation in March of 1984. A military coup then took place and resulted in the establishment of the second republic. Toure’s political prisoners were freed, and the exiles were allowed to return to Guinea. A sharp turn away from Socialism and Communism also took place. Guinea soon recovered economically as well.

To remember the overthrow of a dictator and the reestablishment of democratic rule, Second Republic Day is celebrated by Guineans each year on 3 April, which is the date of the coup against Toure in 1984. There are parades, speeches, a ceremonial wreath-laying event in Conakry, and many other local events held across the country.

Previous Years

20243 AprWedSecond Republic Day
20233 AprMonSecond Republic Day