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Madagascar Public Holidays

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The Republic of Madagascar currently celebrates 13 national holidays. However, 3 of these holidays are celebrated only by specific groups of people.

Public holidays in Madagascar are regulated under “Decret 62-150 du 28 Mars 1962 Determinant les Modalities de application du repos hebdomadaire des jours feries chomes et payes Chapter 22 and 28”. Chapter 22 names the official public holidays of Madagascar and Chapter 28 gives the government the authority to move the celebration of any holiday falling on a Sunday to the following Monday.

Additional decrees have established 3 new holidays. These holidays are specific to certain groups and are only celebrated by those groups of people. Employers are required to provide special time off for people who fall under these distinctions for these holidays.

The Government Council releases an official list of non-working holidays each year. In most cases, this list is published in the end of December. However, it can be published as late as mid-January.

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