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Id al Adha

Id al Adha 2023, 2024 and 2025 in Madagascar

The Islamic celebration of Id al Adha is a national public holiday in Madagascar, even though around 90 percent of Madagascar’s people are Christian and only three percent are Muslims.

202328 JunWedId al Adha *
202416 JunSunId al Adha *
20256 JunFriId al Adha *
202627 MayWedId al Adha *
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Note: Id el Adha is a public holiday observed by Muslims only.

A majority of Madagascar’s Muslims live in the north-western corner of the island, and so this is the area where Id al Adha is mostly observed. There will be many slaughtering cattle, sheep, or goats to symbolise the goat that, according to the Koran, took the place of Ishmael as a sacrifice to Allah.

For Id al Adha, Muslims gather together and feast as families. They also attend special mosque services to hear about Ibrahim’s readiness to obey Allah even when asked to give up his son.

Previous Years

20229 JulSatId al Adha *
202120 JulTueId al Adha *
202031 JulFriId al Adha *
201911 AugSunId al Adha *
201821 AugTueId al Adha *
20171 SepFriId al Adha *