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President Kamuzu Banda's Birthday

President Kamuzu Banda’s Birthday 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Malawi

In Malawi, 14 May is President Kamuzu Banda’s Birthday, or just “Kamuzu Day” for short. The nation’s first president, Hastings Kamuzu Banda, reigned for 30 years and is other referred to as the “Father and Founder” of Malawi.

202414 MayTuePresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
202514 MayWedPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
202614 MayThuPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
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After multi-party elections were finally allowed in 1993, Kamuzu Day was dropped and held in disdain by many. They cited alleged atrocities, violations of rights of the people, and the long one-party rule. But in 2009, Kamuzu Day was again made a public holiday, Kamuzu Banda’s role in the nation’s founding and his many infrastructure achievements being cited.

Thus, there is an inherent controversial nature to the holiday, and it is no longer celebrated in the grandiose style that it was while Kamuzu Banda was still in office. There used to be big military parades and demonstrations and cultural dances at Kamuzu Stadium of at Sanjika Palace.

Today, the observances are somewhat lower key. But some may visit Kamuzu Banda’s home, attend memorial services, or go to festivals held in honour of the day. Many still honour the memory of Kamuzu and think of him as a great leader and a national hero.

Previous Years

202314 MaySunPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
15 MayMonPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday Holiday
202214 MaySatPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
202114 MayFriPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
202014 MayThuPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
201914 MayTuePresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
201814 MayMonPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
201714 MaySunPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday
15 MayMonPresident Kamuzu Banda's Birthday Holiday