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Baptism of the Prophet

Baptism of the Prophet 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Mali

Being a strongly Islamic nation, Mali includes many Muslim holidays on their public holidays calendar. Among these is Baptism of the Prophet Day, commemorating the day on which it is thought Muhammad underwent various birth rites.

202423 SepMonBaptism of the Prophet
202512 SepFriBaptism of the Prophet
20261 SepTueBaptism of the Prophet
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Arab and Islamic tradition includes birth rites on the seventh day following one’s birth. Today, Muslims traditionally shave the baby’s head, give him or her a name, and circumcise boys on the seventh day. Some also sacrifice a sheep and share the meat with friends and neighbours. Still others weigh the shaved-off hair and donate the same weight in gold to the poor.

Mali is the only country that has a holiday to celebrate the “baptism of Muhammad”. They observe it on the seventh day after Muhammad’s Birthday. Since Muhammad is thought to have been born on 12 Rabi Al-Awwal, Baptism of Muhammad is celebrated on the nineteenth day of the same month.

Previous Years

20235 OctThuBaptism of the Prophet
202216 OctSunBaptism of the Prophet
202126 OctTueBaptism of the Prophet
20205 NovThuBaptism of the Prophet
201917 NovSunBaptism of the Prophet
201827 NovTueBaptism of the Prophet
20178 DecFriBaptism of the Prophet