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Mali Public Holidays

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The Republic of Mali celebrates 12 public holidays. Public holidays in Mali are regulated under Labor Law 05-040 formalised on the 22 of July 2005. This law combines all other laws under the labour code and establishes these 12 formal public holidays. This law also provides the government with the authority to establish one-time national holidays throughout the year if the occasion arises.

Public holidays in Mali are considered non-working days. Holidays that occur on a Sunday are moved to the next Monday for observance. Holidays that fall on a Saturday remain on that date.

Each year the government publishes a list of the official holidays for the following year. Some of the holidays that are celebrated in Mali occur on different dates each year because their observance dates are determined by the lunar cycle. Muslim holidays that use the lunar cycle to determine celebration dates use the Umm al-Qura calendar of Saudi Arabia to follow the lunar cycle.

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