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Independence Day

Independence Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Mali

Mali observes its Independence Day on 22 September, marking its freedom from France that it gained on that date in 1960.

202422 SepSunIndependence Day
202522 SepMonIndependence Day
202622 SepTueIndependence Day
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Mali has been inhabited for thousands of years, the north by Berbers and the south by Black African tribes. It was the centre of the famed Malian Empire, which was so famous for its wealth and trade in gold. Due to its distance from the sea, what is now Mali avoided domination by European colonisers for longer than most of Africa.

In 1892, however, France began to take control of Mali, and by 1905, they had a firm grasp on the region. At first, Mali was called “French Sudan”. Then it was called “The Sudanese Republic”. It gained the name Mali during a brief union with Senegal between 1959 and 1960 and has retained the name ever since.

In Mali, Independence Day is widely and exuberantly celebrated all over the country. There are many festive parades, concerts, dances, street performances, political speeches, and private barbecues. The activities in the capital city of Bamako are the largest and the centre of the celebrations.

Previous Years

202322 SepFriIndependence Day
202222 SepThuIndependence Day