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Mayotte Public Holidays

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The Department of Mayotte is an insular department and region of France. Mayotte currently celebrates 15 national holidays. Only 13 of these holidays are official under the laws of France, and only two of these holidays are local celebrations, with the remaining 11 holidays the same as those celebrated in France.

Currently there is legislation that is being reviewed in Mayotte that will change seven of the 11 French holidays into new holidays that are more locally significant. If this occurs, the two unofficial holidays that are observed in Mayotte will become part of these national dates.

Public holidays are regulated by Labor Code 222-1 of Mayotte. This law states that only four of the public holidays are considered paid non-working dates and all other holidays are just non-working dates. Employers must comply with national holiday regulations.

Employees that are required to work on a paid public holiday have the ability to have a paid day off in lieu or work at a premium rate. This decision is based on the work contract. Employees required to work on a non-paid holiday are given a day off in lieu of the holiday.

Holidays that occur on the weekend remain on the weekend. If this is a normal day off, employees do not receive pay or a day in lieu for these dates.

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