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All Saints’ Day

All Saints’ Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Mayotte

All Saints’ Day is a holiday in Mayotte every 1 November. On this day, Christian believers remember known and unknown saints of past centuries. All Saints’ Day is a significant occasion on the traditional Christian calendar, and is observed by millions of Christians around the world.

20241 NovFriAll Saints' Day
20251 NovSatAll Saints' Day
20261 NovSunAll Saints' Day
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As an overseas department of France, Mayotte shares most public holidays with France, including All Saints’ Day. All Souls Day, a closely related observance, follows on its heels on 2 November. Together, the two observances are known as “The Days of the Dead”.

Although 97 percent of the residents of Mayotte follow Islam, All Saints’ Day is on the calendar for the benefit of the three percent or so who follow Roman Catholicism.

On All Saints’ Day, you are supposed to honour and remember the great saints of the past, found in the Bible and in Church history. All Souls Day, by contrast, is the day to remember all of the dead and, for Catholics, to pray for souls that may still be trapped in purgatory.

Previous Years

20231 NovWedAll Saints' Day
20221 NovTueAll Saints' Day
20211 NovMonAll Saints' Day
20201 NovSunAll Saints' Day
20191 NovFriAll Saints' Day
20181 NovThuAll Saints' Day
20171 NovWedAll Saints' Day