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Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Morocco

Most Muslims in Morocco celebrate Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, known as “Eid el Mawlid” or “Mouloud”. The birthday of Muhammad is observed on the twelfth day of the third month of the Muslim year.

20229 OctSunProphet Muhammad's Birthday
202328 SepThuProphet Muhammad's Birthday
202416 SepMonProphet Muhammad's Birthday
20255 SepFriProphet Muhammad's Birthday
202625 AugTueProphet Muhammad's Birthday
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On Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday, Moroccans attend special mosque services to pray and to hear sermons.

In Morocco, the birthday of The Great Prophet is a time of family reunions. Families gather to feast, fellowship, and recite poems or sing songs about Muhammad’s life. There will also be special events in many cities that focus on the happenings of Muhammad’s life according to the Koran and Hadiths.

Previous Years

202119 OctTueProphet Muhammad's Birthday
202029 OctThuProphet Muhammad's Birthday
201910 NovSunProphet Muhammad's Birthday
201820 NovTueProphet Muhammad's Birthday
20171 DecFriProphet Muhammad's Birthday