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Morocco Public Holidays

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According to the New Labour Code of Morocco, Chapter 3, Article 217-230, 2003, all employers must acknowledge national holidays and provide their employees with a day off with pay for those days if their employment status allows this benefit.

According to this Code, any holidays that fall on Saturday or Sunday do not qualify for special holiday pay or days off. If an employer requires a person to be present during a holiday celebration, they are required by Moroccan law to offer a different paid day off as compensation.

Although Morocco is a Kingdom, it has established a Parliament. The Parliament is responsible for establishing and declaring all holidays. The king has reserved the right to establish special holidays, but he has not used this privilege often. Parliament manages all labour laws regarding holiday pay and mandatory days off through its Labour Code.

At this time, there has been talk from the Monarchy to reduce the number of holidays celebrated each year. The three holidays they have considered eliminating include, Oued Ed-Dahab Day, Revolution Day, and Green March Day. However, any changes to national holidays must be approved by Parliament. There are currently no propositions before Parliament to end these holidays.

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