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Heroes' Day

Heroes’ Day 2025 and 2026 in Mozambique

Mozambique celebrates the Day of Mozambican Heroes on 3 February to remember the many who fought and died during the independence war against Portugal that ended in 1975. The date is based on the assassination day of Eduardo Mondlane, an important independence leader in the nation’s history.

20253 FebMonHeroes' Day
20263 FebTueHeroes' Day
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After almost 400 years of harsh rule by Portugal, a guerrilla war broke out in Mozambique, led by Eduardo Mondlane. The war would last from 1961 till 1974, with independence being granted in 1975.

Despite Mondlane’s assassination by Portugal’s secret police, his followers carried on and won independence in the end.

On Heroes’ Day, there are patriotic parades and speeches, and people take time to remember the sacrifices made by Mondlane and others in order to achieve the freedom that they enjoy today.

Previous Years

20243 FebSatHeroes' Day
20233 FebFriHeroes' Day