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Peace and National Reconciliation Day

Peace and National Reconciliation Day 2019 and 2020

In Mozambique, every 4 October is a national public holiday called Peace and National Reconciliation Day. The holiday marks the end of the over 15-year long civil war that ravaged the country beginning in 1977.

20194 OctFriPeace and National Reconciliation Day
20204 OctSunPeace and National Reconciliation Day
5 OctMonPeace and National Reconciliation Day Holiday

Immediately after the independence war against Portugal and the recognition of independence in 1975, a struggle began over who would rule Mozambique. The pro-Communist rebel group (Mozambique Liberation Front) took charge in 1977, and the pro-Democratic rebel group (Mozambique National Resistance) immediately fought back.

Civil war raged for 15 years. But in 1990, after the pro-Communist president of Mozambique died in an aviation accident, peace talks commenced. By 4 October, 1992, the two sides signed a peace agreement in Rome that ended the war.

To commemorate the coming of peace after seemingly endless war, 4 October was designated Peace and National Reconciliation Day. The largest events of the day take place in Maputo, but there are smaller events all over the country.