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Niger Public Holidays

Today – 1 April 2020 – is not a holiday in Niger.

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Niger and start planning to make the most of your time off.

National holidays in Niger are governed under Law 98-05 published 29 April 1998 and officially enacted on July 1 of that same year. The only exception to this law is that government employees are no longer granted a second paid day off for every national holiday. Everyone now only receives one paid day off for a national holiday, unless the holiday is a 2-day celebration.

The current government also has the authority to create one-time paid non-working holidays throughout the year if there is a special reason. In the past, these holidays have been used for inauguration days, voting days, and to bridge holidays that are celebrated a day apart.

The Labour Laws of Niger provide that all employees are entitled to receive a paid, non-working day for all national holidays. The Labour Laws also provide that if a person is required to work on a national holiday due to their position, the employer must provide them with a paid day off in lieu of the holiday.

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