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Concord Day

Concord Day 2025 and 2026 in Niger

Niger has observed 24 April as the National Day of Concord since 1995. Concord Day commemorates the peace agreement signed between government of Niger and rebel forces on 24 April of that year.

202524 AprThuConcord Day
202624 AprFriConcord Day
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The peace accord of 1995 failed to include all of the insurgent groups as signers, and some fighting continued resistance for four more years until 1999. The rebellion had broken out among certain ethnic groups in Niger’s north and east in 1990. A renewed rebellion among the Tuareg was averted by a new peace accord signed in 2009.

The signing of the final peace agreement to the original conflict in 2000 led to a “Flame of Peace” celebration where weapons were literally piled up and burned in the city of Agadez. Some parts of Niger also celebrate 25 September, along with 24 April, each year to remember the coming of peace to the region.

Concord Day is the occasion of major celebrations and diverse events across the nation each year. There are parties that break out in the streets of major cities, historically and culturally oriented events, a speech by the president and other politicians, and youth-focused activities.

Previous Years

202424 AprWedConcord Day
202324 AprMonConcord Day