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Nigeria Public Holidays

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In the nation of Nigeria, public holidays have the same status for workers as the weekly Sunday day-off. Employers may generally not compel work on Sundays or public holidays in Nigeria.

The law that establishes public holidays in Nigeria is the Public Holiday Act. The Public Holiday Act creates public holidays for the entire Nation of Nigeria. The holidays are of three types: Christian holidays such as Christmas, Muslim Holidays such as the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad, and general holidays such as Labour Day.

The Public Holiday Act was enacted on 1st January 1979. It abolished previous public holidays and set the process for making public holidays for the nation, states, and local areas. The President has the power to declare holidays for the entire nation or any state or part of the country. Governors have the power to declare public holidays in their states or for any part of their states. The Minister for Internal Affairs has powers to change designated holiday dates when he or she determines it necessary or appropriate.

Nigerian workers have a right to a day of rest on Sundays, and no work on public holidays. Employers and employees must negotiate and agree on pay for holidays and Sundays. This agreement can be in a labour contract, Union agreement, or public employee contract.

Ministers and Agency Heads can order public employees to perform duties on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. They can do so when deemed necessary or in the public interest.

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