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All Saints’ Day
Republic of the Congo

All Saints’ Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Congo

All Saints’ Day is a holiday in the Republic of Congo every 1 November. On this day, Christian believers remember known and unknown saints of past centuries. All Saints’ Day is a significant occasion on the traditional Christian calendar, and is observed by millions of Christians around the world.

20241 NovFriAll Saints' Day
20251 NovSatAll Saints' Day
20261 NovSunAll Saints' Day
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Note that The Republic of Congo is also known as Congo-Brazzaville after its capital, not to be confused with the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo. This Congo was formerly a French colony and adopted many traditions and holidays from France.

All Saints’ Eve on 31 October, which corresponds to Halloween in other parts of the world, is a “scary” time when evil spirits are thought to roam about. All Saints’ Day on 1 November is a time when people attend church and beautify tombs with floral bouquets. All Souls Day, on 2 November, is a time when Roman Catholics pray for the dead to speed their way out of Purgatory.

Previous Years

20231 NovWedAll Saints' Day
20221 NovTueAll Saints' Day
20211 NovMonAll Saints' Day
20201 NovSunAll Saints' Day
20191 NovFriAll Saints' Day
20181 NovThuAll Saints' Day
20171 NovWedAll Saints' Day