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Republic Day
Republic of the Congo

Republic Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Congo

Republic Day comes every 28 November in Republic of Congo to commemorate the day in 1958 when it was first established.

202428 NovThuRepublic Day
202528 NovFriRepublic Day
202628 NovSatRepublic Day
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After gaining full independence from France in 1960, the country fell under the dictatorial rule of Youlou, who was the new country’s first president but had grown corrupt in power over the years. Youlou was overthrown in 1963, and the country warmed up to the USSR under president Lissouba. Then, on 31 December 1968, Marien Ngouabi helped lead a coup and became the new president. Exactly one year later, he declared Congo a Communist-style “People’s Republic”.

After the Cold War ended, Congo gradually transitioned away from Communism. A multi-party democracy was permitted in 1992. Despite the nature of the republic in 1969 and the fact that the current regime is quite different, Republic Day is still celebrated in a positive light every 28 November. There are marches and many local events, and it is the run-up to New Year’s celebrations that evening and the following day.

Previous Years

202328 NovTueRepublic Day
202228 NovMonRepublic Day