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National Day

National Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Réunion

Every 14 July is National Day, also called “Bastille Day”, in France and in all overseas departments of France including Réunion.

202414 JulSunNational Day
202514 JulMonNational Day
202614 JulTueNational Day
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National Day remembers the day in 1789 when the royal prison house, the “Bastille”, was stormed by the revolutionaries who set off the French Revolution. This event is very symbolic in the French mind. It immediately led to the freeing of political prisoners, and it ultimately led to the overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of a series of French republics.

Reunion has French as its official language, and National Day is the time like none other when French culture is on display on the island. But the people speak a creole the mixes French, Portuguese, and Indian languages, from day to day.

There is much partying for National Day in Réunion. The biggest fireworks events are in Saint-Denis, Saint-Pierre, and Saint-Gilles. And after the display, the people will stay up all night celebrating.

Previous Years

202314 JulFriNational Day
202214 JulThuNational Day
202114 JulWedNational Day
202014 JulTueNational Day
201914 JulSunNational Day
201814 JulSatNational Day
201714 JulFriNational Day