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Senegal Public Holidays

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All holidays are regulated by the Government of Senegal and are subject to change with a vote from Parliament. The president of Senegal has the right to declare special national holidays each year that would only be observed on that specific year.

The national holiday list is published in the National Register at the end of each year. There are several holidays celebrated in Senegal that are based on the lunar cycle and the dates of these holidays will change each year. Senegal has a Moon Sighting ministry that correlates that lunar cycle for these religious holidays for both the Muslim and Christian faiths. Lunar calendars of each of these religions are used to determine accurate dates.

The national Labour Code only mandates employers to pay for 10 national holidays each year. Of these 10, Independence Day and Labour Day are required paid holidays. The employers can choose the other paid holidays based on the religious preferences of the employer or employees. However, all national holidays must be observed, with or without pay.

At this time, the Labour Code requires that employees that are required to work on a paid holiday should receive premium pay for that holiday at time plus one half, or should be compensated with a different paid day off instead of the holiday.

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