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Tunisia Public Holidays

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The Republic of Tunisia celebrates 12 national holidays per year. Of these holidays, 9 are paid non-working holidays and 3 are considered non-working days only. Two of the holiday celebrations in Tunisia often take place over several days.

All official public holidays are regulated under the Tunisia Labor Code and any subsequent official pubic decrees issued by the government. The use of official decree is specifically stated in the Labor Code.

Under the guidelines of the Labor Code, all employers must provide a day off from work for national holidays. Only 9 of the official holidays are considered non-working paid holidays. Of these holidays, two are multiday celebrations. Employers are only required to pay employees for the first day of the celebration unless their work contracts state terms that allow for pay for each day of the celebration.

If any of the public holidays fall on a day of rest, the government has been given the right to move its celebration to the next working day. Tunisia has deemed Saturday and Sunday as days of rest.

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