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Republic Day

Republic Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Tunisia

Republic Day is a public holiday occurring every 25 July in Tunisia. This is the celebration of the independence of Tunisia that happened on 25 July 1956.

202425 JulThuRepublic Day
202525 JulFriRepublic Day
202625 JulSatRepublic Day
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For many years, Tunisia was under the colonial control of France, but the Germans invaded and conquered the country early on in World War II. Tunisia became a grand, almost epic battle ground between US and British forces and the German North African army under the command of General Rommel, “the Desert Fox”.

By March of 1943, Allied forces had driven the Germans out of Tunisia, and it became the launching pad for an invasion of Axis Italy, beginning with Sicily.

After the war, the French regained control over Tunisia. This led to an independence movement, which ultimately succeeded on 25 July, 1956. A dictatorship reigned over Tunisia after independence for over 30 years, but today, there is democratic rule.

Previous Years

202325 JulTueRepublic Day
202225 JulMonRepublic Day