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Women's Day

Women’s Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Tunisia

In Tunisia, 13 August is a public holiday called “Women’s Day”. The day is a celebration of the improved status of women in Tunisia that came about as a result of the passing of the Code of Personal Status (CPS) on 13 August, 1956. The code was not actually implemented, however, until 1957.

202413 AugTueWomen's Day
202513 AugWedWomen's Day
202613 AugThuWomen's Day
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The CPS was not a single law but a group of related legislation. It did such things as make polygamy illegal, institute a legal process for divorces, and required that both bride and groom give consent in order to be legally married. The code was one of the prime achievements of Tunisian politician Habib Bourgiba.

In 1993, new additions to the CPS gave women the right to represent their children in court and the ability to have their nationality transferred to their children in the same way that men could.

The impact of the CPS on Tunisian society was great, and the celebration of Women’s Day on 13 August is a way of remembering these rights that Tunisian women have gained.

Previous Years

202313 AugSunWomen's Day
202213 AugSatWomen's Day