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Heroes' Day

Heroes’ Day 2024, 2025 and 2026 in Zimbabwe

The second Monday of August is National Heroes’ Day in Zimbabwe to remember those who fought and died in the struggle for independence from British colonial rule.

202412 AugMonHeroes' Day
20258 AugFriHeroes' Day
20268 AugSatHeroes' Day
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In 1978 and 1979, the battle for independence raged fierce in what was then known as the Colony of Rhodesia. Outgunned by a repressive, openly racist government, which was not directly controlled by the UK but by private interests, it took great courage to persevere in the fight.

But many Zimbabweans risked their lives, and many died, to finally achieve independence.

The heroes of the nation are honoured every year in National Heroes Acre, where some of the soldiers from the revolution are buried. People come to lay down wreaths on their grave sites, and the president of the country comes to pay his respects.

There is also always a group of youths who sing patriotic songs as they march united to the burial site. And there are many others who put on musical performances and dances.

The main events for Heroes’ Day are held in the capital city of Harare, but there are similar events held all over the country.

Previous Years

202314 AugMonHeroes' Day
20228 AugMonHeroes' Day