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Independence Day

Independence Day 2025 and 2026 in Zimbabwe

Every 18 April is Independence Day in Zimbabwe. The country has been independent since 1980, but the process began decades earlier.

202518 AprFriIndependence Day
202618 AprSatIndependence Day
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In 1923, what was then called “South Rhodesia” gained limited self-government within the British Empire. After World War II, the small white minority in the colony took the reigns of power, whereas power had been more shared earlier. From 1965, a rebellion led by the ruling white minority began, but Britain demanded majority rule before granting independence. Finally, that status was achieved in 1980.

Celebrations every 18 April include ceremonial flag raising, patriotic speeches, and a military parade in the capital city of Harare. The parade takes place in a large sports stadium, but it varies between two different stadiums from year to year. Fighter jets put on a display in the skies above Harare, and white doves are released all over Zimbabwe to symbolize peace. And the national anthem is played profusely.

Previous Years

202418 AprThuIndependence Day
202318 AprTueIndependence Day