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Workers' Day

Workers’ Day 2020 and 2021 in Zimbabwe

May 1 is a public holiday called “Workers’ Day” in Zimbabwe. It is also sometimes referred to as or “International Workers Day” or “Labour Day” as well.

20201 MayFriWorkers' Day
20211 MaySatWorkers' Day

In recent years in Zimbabwe, there have often been strikes and protests centred around demands for better working conditions, better pay, and other important workers’ rights. And Zimbabwe’s Congress of Trade Unions has often been quite vocal in putting forward issues and in seeking to organise voters for or against candidates based on their stand on workers rights.

Workers Day is a time when such workers rights campaigns heat up more than at any other time of year. But there are also less controversial ways to celebrate Workers Day in Zimbabwe, such as decorating poles with paper streamers, flowers, and balloons, or just spending time with family at home.