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Angola Public Holidays

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Angola currently celebrates 12 national holidays each year. National holidays are regulated under the Law 1/01 March 23, 2001 as published in the National Register. This law overwrites all former laws concerning public holidays in Angola.

In the new Constitution of Angola that went into effect in 2010, the office of the president is given all authority concerning national holidays. This office, generally speaking through the Ministry of Public Service, announces the national holiday dates each year through formal publication.

It is not uncommon for additional holidays to be declared throughout the year. These one-time holidays may be to bridge a holiday celebration so that it extends to the weekend, or may be for governmental purposes. The Ministry of Public Service will make the announcement for these holidays and all employers are obligated to comply.

Under the Labour laws of Angola, employers must provide employees with a day off for all national holidays. It is also common practice that employees are not required to work after 12:00pm on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. However, this is not written into law. If employees are paid for their holiday day off is determined by the individual labour contracts that the employees have entered into with their employer.

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