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Easter 2020, 2021 and 2022 in Angola

Easter is regarded as the most important of holy days by Christians, and Easter in Angola is celebrated with a holiday on Good Friday.

202010 AprFriGood Friday
20212 AprFriGood Friday
202215 AprFriGood Friday

The date of the holiday changes each year based on the centuries-old calculations that determine the Christian Ecclesiastical Calendar, such that the date of Easter Sunday can be anytime between 22 March and 25 April.

About three-quarters of Angola’s population is Christian, half being Roman Catholic and a quarter being Protestant. Most of the rest follow either animistic religions or a mixture of Christianity with native beliefs, while one to five percent are Muslim.

The only two truly religious holidays on the official state holidays calendar in Angola are Christmas and Good Friday. But there is also a big Carnival season 40 days before Easter as people prepare for Lent.

For Easter, many return to the towns or villages where they were born and where their parents still live to celebrate with family. Many Christians attend special church services and eat a festive dinner, but there is very little of the Easter Bunny and commercialised versions of Easter present in Angola.