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Independence Day

Independence Day 2020 and 2021 in Angola

Every 11 November is Independence Day in Angola to commemorate the date in 1975 that Angola gained its independence from Portugal.

202011 NovWedIndependence Day
202111 NovThuIndependence Day

While African tribes inhabited Angola for untold centuries, their lands never constituted a single nation in the distant past. The modern history of Angola begins with the arrival of Portuguese explorers in the late 1400’s, on their way to find a way around Africa to India. Portugal founded Luanda in 1575, and this began 400 years of colonial rule by Portugal.

Portugal extracted as many natural resources out of Angola as they could and was the most notorious of all slave-trading European nations. Their rule over Angola was oppressive, and they held onto their colonies longer than most other colonial powers did after World War II.

The war for independence in Angola began in 1961, but it was the uprising of 1974 that ultimately led to independence being won and recognised by 11 November, 1975.