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National Heroes Day

National Heroes Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Angola

Every 17 September is National Heroes Day in Angola. The date was chosen because it is also the birthday of Antonio Neto, Angola’s premier “founding father”.

202217 SepSatNational Heroes Day
202317 SepSunNational Heroes Day
18 SepMonNational Heroes Day Holiday
202417 SepTueNational Heroes Day
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Neto was a doctor, poet, and political leader. He founded the PMLA, which led in the fight for independence from Portuguese colonial rule. Neto kept the PMLA together through decades of war, including both the war for independence and a long-running civil war. Finally, he became Angola’s first president in 1975 and continued to rule until he died in 1979.

On National Heroes Day, Algerians remember President Neto and all he stood and fought for. They also remember others who lost their lives in the long years of armed conflict.

Previous Years

202117 SepFriNational Heroes Day
202017 SepThuNational Heroes Day
201917 SepTueNational Heroes Day
201817 SepMonNational Heroes Day
201717 SepSunNational Heroes Day
18 SepMonNational Heroes Day Holiday