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Independence Day
Burkina Faso

Independence Day 2019 and 2020

In Burkina Faso, every 5 August is Independence Day to commemorate the country’s full independence from the French Empire on that day in 1960.

20195 AugMonIndependence Day
20205 AugWedIndependence Day

The region now constituting Burkina Faso was ruled by the Mossi Empire during the 1800’s, but France conquered their capital city, Ouagadougou, in 1901 and soon took the whole area. In 1919, the colony of Upper Volta was established.

In subsequent years Upper Volta was merged into other colonies and then again separated several times, but it came to permanently remain, with present-day borders, in 1947. Later, it was renamed Burkina Faso.

After World War II, the independence movement gained steam in Burkina Faso and in all French Africa. After an initial period of greater self-rule within the French Empire, Burkina Faso gained complete independence on 5 August, 1960.