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Revolution Day
Burkina Faso

Revolution Day 2025 and 2026 in Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, 3 January is 1966 Revolution Day, also called Anniversary Day of the 1966 Coup or just Revolution Day. However, do not confuse this holiday with the “other” Revolution Day in Burkina Faso that is celebrated on 4 August to commemorate the 1983 return to power of prime minister Sankara and the name change of the country from Upper Volta to its current name.

20253 JanFriRevolution Day
20263 JanSatRevolution Day
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The 1966 Revolution Day remembers the ouster of president Yameogo on 3 January of that year. Although Yameogo led the revolt against France in 1959 that gave Burkina Faso its independence, he soon lost the favour of the people when he imposed one-party, unconstitutional rule.

Yameogo also drove his country into debt, tried to outlaw peaceful protests by trade union members, and ultimately imposed “austerity measures” when the economy faltered and the government was hopelessly unable to pay for basic services. This led to a protest on 3 January, during which the military and trade unions combined to force Yameogo from power. The overthrow of this once-heroic regime that turned tyrannical is celebrated each year in Burkina Faso by various historically and politically oriented speeches and events.

Previous Years

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