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National Day

National Day 2019 and 2020

Every 20 May it is National Day in the African state of Cameroon. This day does not celebrate independence, for French Cameroon became independent on 1 January 1960. And in 1961, British Cameroon joined the new state, but it was not fully integrated. A kind of “federated” system existed that prevented full national unity of the two Cameroons.

201920 MayMonNational Day
202020 MayWedNational Day

But on 20 May, 1972, all that changed. On that date, the federated system was eliminated in favour of full national unity. Thus, the holiday is called “National” Day.

School children sing and march in patriotic parades on National Day, and many political figures give speeches. The president of Cameroon is the official head over National Day, and the governors and local leaders have responsibility to preside over the celebrations in their respective regions and localities.