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Youth Day

Youth Day 2022, 2023 and 2024 in Cameroon

In Cameroon, 11 February is “Youth Day”, a day dedicated to getting the nation’s youth involved in constructive activities and to help them learn to take leadership and participate in the culture and society.

202211 FebFriYouth Day
202311 FebSatYouth Day
202411 FebSunYouth Day
12 FebMonYouth Day Holiday
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Youth Day has been observed in Cameroon since 1966 and has played an important role in engaging youth in a wide variety of events and activities.

On this day, youth groups all over the country get involved in parades, learning workshops, public music performances, planting trees, community service, sports competitions, and various other activities that young people themselves organise and carry out.

The government also sponsors “youth congresses” that meet in the capital city, Yaounde, and discuss such issues as youth violence, social injustice against youth in Cameroon, climate change, and all manner of youth-related topics. The nation’s youth, as represented at these congresses, will offer their input on how to find solutions to national problems affecting youth.

Previous Years

202111 FebThuYouth Day
202010 FebMonYouth Day Holiday
11 FebTueYouth Day
201911 FebMonYouth Day
201811 FebSunYouth Day
201711 FebSatYouth Day