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Gabon Public Holidays

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The Gabonese Republic, or Gabon, currently celebrates 12 national holidays. Many of these holidays are based on religious beliefs and may occur at different times each year. Each year the government of Gabon, through its Ministry of Labour, releases the official dates for the national holidays to be celebrated for the following year.

Public holidays are regulated by Decree number 000484/PR/MTE Issued 26 May, 2004. This Decree eliminates all previous decrees regarding public holidays in Gabon. This Decree establishes the 12 national holidays and states that these are all non-working holidays. It also provides the government with the ability to create additional one-time national non-working holidays for special occasions.

The Labor Laws of Gabon state that all employees are guaranteed a day off for national holidays. If the scope of their work requires them to work on those days, they are guaranteed a day off in lieu of the holiday.

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