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Seychelles Public Holidays

Discover upcoming public holiday dates for Seychelles and start planning to make the most of your time off.

Seychelles currently observes 13 national holidays. Many of these holidays are based on the Christian faith and are subject to change in date based on the lunar cycles.

The Labor Code of Seychelles as well as the Public Holidays Act, requires that all employees are given the day off for nationally recognised holidays. The Labor Code requires that all employers provide their employees with a day off with pay for nationally recognised holidays.

Seychelles Public Holiday Act also requires that any holiday that falls on a Sunday is to be celebrated as a national holiday on the following Monday. Saturdays are considered work days in this country.

The President of Seychelles reserves the right to declare a public holiday at any given time and that holiday can be a one-time or ongoing holiday from the time of the Decree. At this time, the President has only exercised this right during natural disasters. However, national days of celebration are allowed by Decree.

It should be noted that when any of these holidays fall on a Friday, the government will declare the following Saturday an observance day. This allows for a three-day weekend. Employers are required to observe these days as national holidays and provide time off with pay to their employees.

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